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Locating a pin code was never that easy as it is now.

Our website provides pin codes of different cities in just few seconds from the moment you input the city name, state name, and district name, name of post office or 1st alphabet of the post office. This website also helps in offering advance pin code locater service which narrow downs your search. One can also browse the list of post offices falls under the particular pin code. Each and every detail of the post offices has been mentioned here including their contact details and location map.

First 2 Digits of Pin Code

PIN Code or Postal Index Number came into consideration on 15, August 1972. It is a code of 6 digits used by Indian post offices. There are 9 regions of PIN code in our country, and the first 8 PIN regions denotes the geographical region, and 9th PIN region is of Postal Service of Army. The initial digit of code indicates the region. The combination of first 2 digits indicate one of the postal circle, the combination of first 3 digits together indicate revenue and last 3 digits of code indicate the delivery Post Office.

Important States

India possess one of the largest postal network in the entire world by having nearly 1, 55, 015 post offices (as per the data collected on 31.03.2009 out of which 1, 39, 144 (approximately 89.76%) are located in rural regions. During the independence of India, there were nearly 23, 344 post offices of which maximum ones were in the urban regions. Therefore the network of post offices has registered 7-fold acceleration since the times of independence with emphasis on the expansion of the same in rural regions. On average, one post office caters to a region of 21.21sq km together with the population of 7175 people.